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This pledge is about change makers of young professionals and workplace decision makers ( People & Culture, Line Managers & C-suite), together shaping the future of work by prioritizing workforce mental wellbeing and recognizing employees as whole individuals, not just during working hours i.e. 9-5

Join us in reshaping mental wellbeing in the workplace


As a young professional I pledge to:




Break the stigma by embracing the conversation

Build the courage to talk about my mental health challenges to my inner circle—friends, family, & colleagues

Simple question can have a powerful impact: How is your mental health today?

Build thriving workplaces by taking concrete action

Advocate for mental well-being in the workplace. With one-third of our lives spent at work, it's crucial to foster an environment that supports and nurture our mental well-being.

Ask your direct manager, what are the mental health investment made by my workplace?

Drive change for a healthier society by rethinking the future of work

Create a workplace that is designed to reflect today’s reality, where work and life are no longer separate entities. To provide solutions that help employees thrive in life including work.

From championing work life balance to policies and solutions that enable Life Balance

As a decision maker in workplaces, I pledge to:




Break the stigma by prioritizing mental wellbeing

Urgently prioritize the mental well-being of our upcoming leaders for a thriving future.

Research shows a clear link between mental wellbeing and improved decision-making, driving better bottom-line performance.

Build thriving workplaces by taking concrete action

Create sustainable workplaces by investing in mental wellbeing solutions to educate, train and equip employees through concrete mental wellbeing tools and programs

"87% of employees see mental wellbeing as a key differentiator when choosing an employer."

Drive change by transforming the workplace of the future for a healthier society

Advocate for workplaces and society to invest in, provide, and report on workplace well-being indexes, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

The projected cost of mental health challenges globally is estimated at $16 Trillion by 2030 if we do not join forces to prioritize mental wellbeing investments.


By signing this pledge, we commit to driving change, prioritizing mental health, and creating thriving workplaces for the benefit of individuals and society.
Let's join forces to create a future where well-being takes center stage.

Changemakers who are joining us in the pledge

Camilla Jones


And many more who have joined us!

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Join us. Sign the pledge.
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